Our Process

A customized approach – Every home is different. Project parameters, needs, wants, budgets and priorities for each are as unique as the personalities behind them. The Home Company has taken all this into account when compiling a format to address the individual goals of a diverse clientele. Part of the value in being a closely held company and working local is the flexibility afforded us in the way we respond to each request for work. We take the time to really know each project which provides for a truly customized approach specifically designed for each client.

Let’s take a look – The recipe for a successful remodel begins with a proper, insightful consultation. When you ask us to, we’ll meet with you at to get a clear understanding of what your vision and expectations are so we’re all on the same page from the start. We’ll look at your home and property to clarify your true needs and establish a project outline in order to evaluate the most prudent way to fulfill those needs while remaining within the confines of a budget. No push, no rush, no empty promises or uncomfortable back and forth and No “Sales Closers”. Now is the time that measurements and pictures will be taken for reference in determining costs and viability. If you’ve already got a clear picture in mind of what you want the final outcome of your project to be, great. Then you’re that much closer to enjoying that vision. If not, relax no worries. We’ll help you wade through all the choices and information needed for you to come to a clear understanding of the options and together we’ll arrive at a plan of action that suits you.

We’ll Review – This will be the time we prod you to evaluate whether or not this proposed project plan still fits your needs, budget and timeline. We’ll bring up questions like, “Is that closet really the best use of that space?” or “You know, with that southern exposure, we should really consider a fiberglass door instead of the wood”. Though this part of the process may not promote a high dollar sales agenda, we’ve found that playing devil’s advocate and introducing different perspectives from time to time throughout the course of the project an invaluable element. Questioning the direction of a particular project promotes a healthy reconnection with the core purpose of why you are building, remodeling or repairing something in the first place and prevents the tendency to follow any fleeting desires or trendy fads that could lower the value of your remodel dollar down the road.

We put it in writing – Once we’ve settled on a plan of action and a budget, a complete and easily readable contract for all proposed projects is drafted and includes the following; A detailed scope of work listing what we’ll be doing. A specifications section that specifies materials, amounts, colors, etc. A completion time frame that includes when we’ll start and how long the work will take. A schedule of costs that lists exactly how much the project will cost and if/when progress payments are due. A warranty section that covers the work we perform and materials we install. And all necessary required notices as directed by the state. We always afford you time to review and we can make changes or answer any questions you may have prior to beginning any work.

Let’s get to work – Now the fun part! As we begin work on your home, experience has taught us that taking steps to open the lines of communication early goes a long way in creating a relaxed atmosphere and a free flow of ideas which inevitably leads to happy clients and successful projects. So to that end, when convenient, we’ll go over your project schedule with you and review your preferences for daily work. Establish material handling and storage areas. Go over the jobsite footprint and parking as needed. We’ll talk about kids, pets, furniture and neighbors as necessary and lay down guidelines for site access and discuss, in advance, anything else that requires special consideration or attention. We respect your home and all that’s in it as well as your privacy and routine. Making any inconvenience of having us in or around your home as minimal as possible is a top priority. We’ll keep you in the loop on anything you need to know about. If anything turns up during the course of construction that needs consideration, you’ll know and we’ll always be available to help you make any decisions.

Home stretch – Here’s where proper planning and execution pay off. We take doing, “all the little things”, and the final clean up seriously because we know that the end of the job is the most anticipated part. Most companies struggle to complete much of their work at the end of a project, not us. Now’s the time we go back and review our task lists, picking up on loose ends, paying close attention to detail and completing every item that we were hired to do. It matters. Quite often it’s our start to finish attitude that separates us from other contractors.

We’re here for you – Whether it’s touch up after the furniture movers or installing matching trim or flooring in another part of the house or maybe you’ve decided to go ahead and add that “insta-hot” faucet at the new sink after all, no problem. Being here for you to call on no matter how small the need is considered part of our process and what we do. The majority of our work comes from past clients and we look forward to continuing to earn your trust.