What We Do

We provide high quality, Custom Home Improvements and Home Repairs that beautify your surroundings and enhance your daily life. We build, to allow your home to grow with the family that lives in it. We remodel, to better align your home with your lifestyle and taste. We repair, to restore your home to its full capacity and appeal.

When you need more room for a growing family and/or you want to make the most of the home you’re in then a carefully planned, thoughtfully designed addition will add value as well as square footage. Whether you’re looking to match your home’s existing style, change direction with a bold design that creates an architectural statement or use the opportunity to renovate completely, we’ll walk you through all the steps from site measurements and complete design to custom interior finishes exactly to your desired taste and budget.

Kitchens, bathrooms and other service areas of the home that seem to provide the most in terms of function often see the most wear and tear. Yet many folks can become apprehensive and may put off renovating these areas because of worries about inconvenience and cost. We can put your mind at ease by being a trusted source of information to help you make decisions that are right for you.  We’ll meet with you to get a full understanding of your current needs and then design a space that fits your lifestyle and your budget. We then work to make the process as smooth as possible by completing the project with craftsmanship, integrity and always with your best interest in mind.

You know as time passes (quicker than we’d like) houses get old. Things break, get used up or just aren’t serviceable anymore and yes, termites have to eat too. Well that’s what we’re here for. We have extensive knowledge in all things home repair and routinely replace the old, repair the broken, and install the new every day. So give us a call and let the mending begin.

Traditional? Modern? Eclectic? It seems today more than ever, there’s a growing list of choices when it comes to Home Remodeling. It wasn’t so long ago that we would see a dozen new products a year, now there are hundreds. The many Home Improvement shows and DIY programs that promote never-ending trend changes are more popular than ever. Material choices, textures, colors and features all seem to come and go like seasonal clothing fashion and the emphasis on “green living” is gaining ground daily. It can be very confusing. So with all the hype out there, how do you know where to begin when considering a project?

Well, it starts with a discussion. You can give us a call or drop us an e-mail if you need some advise, have a request for a price or just want to ask a question or two about something specific and aren’t sure how to proceed. Whatever you have in mind, talk it over with a self-described “remodeling geek”, we’d be glad to hear from you. Let’s discuss your project so we can help you to make it happen.

THE HOME COMPANY, Inc. works hard to be responsive to all inquiries. We recognize the diverse and ever-changing needs of our clients and design our services to better accommodate and more fully meet their unique expectations and specific demands. Our services are constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of our customers. Here’s is a short list of the services we provide:


    • Cabinetry
    • Door Replacement/Installation
    • Interior trim/moldings
    • Garage remodeling
    • Home office remodeling
    • Wall units
    • Office Remodeling
    • Drywall & Painting
    • Storage & Closets
    • Int Plumbing & Electrical
    • Floor and Wall Tile
    • Tile & Laminate flooring
    • Appliance Retrofitting
    • Door/window installation
    • Finish Carpentry Projects
    • Stair installations
    • Fireplace Remodeling
    • Custom Projects







      • Door and Window replacements
      • Sliding and French Doors
      • Eave and rake fascia replacement
      • Storage & Closets
      • Ext Plumbing & Electrical
      • Patios and Walkways
      • Stairs and Custom Access
      • Concrete & Masonry & Stone
      • Siding and Trim
      • Fences and Gates
      • Patio Covers & Decks
      • BBQ Remodeling
      • Storage sheds
      • Landscape lighting


For most remodeling projects we service the general San Diego, San Diego – East and San Diego North County areas. We are located closest to the following communities:

Carlsbad, Encinitas, Lucadia, Cardiff, Solana Beach, Oceanside, San Marcos, Elfin Forest, Vista, Rancho Santa Fe, Rancho Penasquitos, Rancho Bernardo
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