Why Hire Us

Our highly experienced, hands-on approach along with a sharp attention to detail and the bottom line make us the better choice. By tailoring our efforts to the needs of each individual homeowner, keeping a lid on overhead and utilizing the very best techniques and materials available, THE HOME COMPANY continues to exceed expectations and delight their clients. From the first time we talk to final cleanup, we provide the very best service and produce the highest quality results at a reasonable price.

“Home improvement customized for you”

Having home improvement work done can be one of the most important and sometimes expensive decisions you’ll ever make. So why take the risk in dealing with a company that treats your project as just another work order? No matter if we’re replacing a gate or building your addition, you’ll know who to call at any time for any reason and you’ll know that we’ll be there. For us, it’s not just about what we’re doing to improve your home but also the commitment we make to the people living in it as well. Check out what just a few of our clients have to say.

Part of the value in being a closely held company and working local is the flexibility afforded us in the way we approach each request for work. We take the time to really know each project which provides for a truly customized approach specifically orientated for each client. Here’s some of the reasons we think you’ll want to make us your Home Improvement Specialsts:


We Respond! – We value your time and we’re not about to waste it. You call, we answer. No call centers, middle men or sales people. You’ll never have to wonder if you’re being handled, put off or managed. All e-mails, messages or other inquires are considered time sensitive and addressed promptly if not immediately. With all the technology that’s available today, there’s really no reason for much delay.

Someone You Can Trust – We care about your peace of mind and it shows. Having people you don’t really know in and around your house, family and possessions is stressful and we’re sensitive to that. You’ll want to be sure you’re comfortable with who you allow to work on your home for what can be an extended period of time. At The Home Company, you’ll deal directly with the owner from start to finish. Living and working in your area since 1991, we are licensed and bonded by The California Contractors State License Board , fully insured and hold accreditation with an A+ rating by The Better Business Bureau . You can be confident in knowing that we’ll treat your home, family (pets) and neighbors with courtesy and respect at all times.

We’re Experienced – We’ve been Building, Remodeling and Repairing homes for more than 25 years and though we’re always on the lookout for a new challenge, there’s not too much that we haven’t tackled. See Our Portfolio of varied work to get an idea of the range of our capabilities. You can be confident that whatever you have in mind, we’ve probably encountered a similar request before and that’s important when it comes to knowing how to accomplish your project and what to look out for BEFORE beginning any work. If by chance you’ve got something special, interesting, quirky, strange or downright weird then by all means, give us a call. One of the interesting aspects about being in the home remodel biz is the exposure to the custom-needs projects that come about every so often and for those of us who’ve been around awhile; they provide an opportunity to really shine.

Craftsmen At Your Service – No desk managers or “briefcase contractors” here, we’re a meticulous “working contractor” company. That means all complex, pertinent work is kept in house, performed by THE HOME COMPANY. Only certain tasks are sub contracted when necessary in order to provide the highest quality work while staying compliant, on schedule and within budget. The few sub contractors used are highly respected, well known and always properly licensed and insured.

We’re articulate and personable – Open, productive communication is key to any collaboration and goes a long way in relieving the anxiety that can accompany even small home repairs. You’ll find communication with us easy, relaxed even. We understand the importance in creating and maintaining open dialogue so they’ll be no uncomfortable struggles to explain your needs. When you’re remodeling or improving a space, a relaxed, free flow of information and ideas promotes inspiration to solve the issues that routinely crop up and you’ll find we’re full of useful information and lots of ideas.

We’re dependable and local – You can count on us to SHOW UP AND GET THE JOB DONE EACH DAY! Located in the La Costa area of Carlsbad, we strive to remain local by focusing on a 30 minute service area that allows for a much less stressful, more productive work day. Time spent on the road or in traffic yields no results for our clients and adds to the timeline of any project as well as contributing to our already crowded freeways. Working within reach means consistent scheduling and therefore dependable arrival times and completion dates.

Always quality oriented & budget minded – Last we checked, money wasn’t growing on trees so if you’re tired of high priced but mediocre work then we’re the remodeler for you. Nobody should have to put up with shoddy workmanship or inflated pricing. Yes, there’s no question that for both materials and service, quality costs more and shortcuts will cost you in value and appearance but there are many ways to do more with less and create the high-end look without the high-end price tag. Many home improvements or repairs can become quite expensive if not approached with the proper attitude toward costs. Methods and materials play a large role in the final price tag of every project so it’s important to know that your contractor always has a keen eye on the bottom line and will faithfully inform you when there are less expensive paths to achieve the same great results you desire.

We stay current – Like everything else, the business of home improvement is always in a state of change. The ever-expanding list of products and techniques allow for many more choices than just a few years ago. And so follows, demands for remodeling professionals who are serious about what they do must remain knowledgeable about the most recent products and techniques available. A real working contractor knows that in order to meet those demands, he/she must stay ahead of the curve by staying tuned in (and these days plugged in) to the many changes and advances in and around the industry. So whether it’s the latest in square euro-design faucets (very cool) or a change in building code regulation, we love this stuff and we’re constantly exploring and growing our frame of reference to better serve you and your home.